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Mykonos is famous all over the world for its glamour, which makes countless of people from all over the world want to spend their vacation in Mykonos Panormos villas. Mykonos may be rather tiny, bur many beautiful and very luxurious villas can be found there, which is why many stars and jet setters from all over the world spend time there during the summer. The island is also known for its vibrant nightlife and it attracts young clubbers from all over Europe.

Most people tend to relate the term “Mykonos” to the island’s “capital”, a rather large town with the same name. This is because most of the big hotels, rental properties and the famous clubs that the island is famous for can be found there. There’s more to Mykonos though than juts its capital though. There are many scenic villages and gorgeous areas, which are the ideal backdrop for a serene and relaxing summer escape, away from the crowds and the noisy clubs of the island’s “capital”. The Panormos area is one of the most beautiful and scenic areas of the island.

The most gorgeous beaches on the island

Panormos is a village located on the North side of the island and its truly beautiful beaches make it a rather unique destination in Mykonos. They may be famous for their fine white sand and crystal-clear turquoise waters, but they are also rather isolated and quiet. There are no beach clubs and bars there blasting loud music all day, which means that one can relax without worrying about drunk tourists shouting and looking to party. If your idea of a perfect summer vacation is relaxing on a gorgeous beach, then Panormos is the perfect place to spend your vacation in Mykonos.

Panormos is also ideal for people who don’t like the maddening crowds of the town of Mykonos and they would like to stay away from all the celebrities and the paparazzi chasing after them. Panormos is a place when one can wake up by feeling the warm light of the sun’s rays each morning and the sounds of the sea. One doesn’t need to worry about the noise of the tourists and party-lovers of Mykonos. Furthermore, the small town of Panormos is famous for its wonderful restaurants, many of which serve local delicacies such as “orfano stifado”. Some restaurants even have tables right on the beach, for a truly unforgettable dining experience, complete with an amazing view.

Some tips about Panormos

Although the area isn’t very crowded, the beaches can get a little crowded during the weekends, especially during the months of July and August. If you would like to sunbathe and relax on the beach during the weekends, you’d better get there first thing in the morning.

Villas on Panormos

If you would like to spend your time on Mykonos relaxing in luxury, then a villa at Panormos is definitely the best choice. A villa essentially guarantees your privacy, which means that you your holidays will be truly quiet and relaxing. Furthermore, most villas at this area are fairly new or have been renovated recently in order to offer a modern décor with extravagant luxury and high-quality amenities. Furthermore, just about all villas in the area come with a private pool, while others even have private access to the beach.

When it comes to selecting a villa, finding one that perfectly fits your needs and budget is paramount, which means that you will need the services of a good property rental or management agency. Vilotel collection manages a large variety of villas on Panormos and other areas on Mykonos, which makes them ideal for helping you find the best Mykonos Panormos villas for you.


Panormos Villas

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  • Guests 10
  • Bedrooms 5
  • Baths 4

Panormos III Villa

From 960/night
Panormos, Mykonos
  • Guests 6
  • Bedrooms 3
  • Baths 2

Panormos I Villa

From 680/night
Panormos, Mykonos
  • Guests 8
  • Bedrooms 4
  • Baths 3

Panormos II Villa

From 770/night
Panormos, Mykonos
0 Adults
0 Children

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