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If you are looking to spend your summer lounging by the sea in luxury, then Mykonos villas Platys Gialos is the perfect place to do so. Mykonos is a tiny island in the Aegean Sea that’s famous all over the world for its hip night-clubs, its vibrant night-life and of course its very luxurious and even opulent villas. However, that that’s not all that Mykonos has to offer. Very few people, for example, know that some truly amazing with crystal clear waters and amazing vistas can be found on the island. So, to summarize, Mykonos is not one of the most famous vacation destinations in the world just because of its clubs and parties.

Mykonos is also the favorite vacation spot for many celebrities each year because it’s one of the very few places in Greece where they can enjoy amazing parties and exclusive restaurants and clubs, as well as beaches that easily rank among the most beautiful in Greece. Almost all those beaches are “organized” which means that they offer a wealth of activities such as water-skiing and even kite surfing. Platys Gialos is perhaps the most famous beach of Mykonos and it’s an ideal destination for people who like enjoying the sea and the in summer.

The longest beach of Mykonos

The name Platys Gialos is translated to “wide beach” and the beach more than justifies its name. The beach belongs to the village with the same name and they are both located about five kilometers away from the town of Mykonos. Platys Gialos is the longest beach on Mykonos, so there will always be room for you to lie down, relax and sunbathe and to enjoy the beach in general, even during the high season when things on the island get a bit crowded. The beach also has many beach bars and restaurants, which although not quite as exclusive as those in the town of Mykonos and not frequented by as many celebrities, still offer delicious traditional dishes and unique cocktails that you can enjoy while lying on a sunbed or sitting right at the edge of the water.

Like we said earlier, what makes Platys Gialos truly stand out is the wide variety of water sports and other sea related activities that its visitors can participate in and enjoy. Furthermore, one can catch a boat from the town’s little port and visit all the beaches on Mykonos and its neighboring islands, since it’s the “port of call” of many tourist boats and “water taxis”.

Villas right on the water

Because of length of the beach in the Platys Gialos area, a lot of villas are built practically next to the water. Many of the properties here are not just super-luxurious and extremely spacious, they also come with private beach access, which makes them perfect for people who want to enjoy the sea in as much luxury as possible.

Furthermore, Platys Gialos is a rather quiet and peaceful place, especially as far as beaches in Mykonos go. Furthermore, just about all villas there come complete with a private pool, which allow guests to relax when not spending time on the beach. Finally, all villas come with well-kept gardens. Guests can even host parties and other events for their friends during their stay at their villa of choice.

Renting a villa in Mykonos is the best way to experience in this unique island. However, if you would like to book one of the most and most luxurious Mykonos villas Platys Gialos, then you need to check out the villas offered by Vilotel Collection Agency.


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