Spend your summer among celebrities by renting a villa in Psarou Mykonos

If you would like to experience the most exclusive and extravagant beach bars, restaurants and clubs in Greece and spend your vacation at the same place as celebrities from all over the world, then Psarou Mykonos villas are the ideal choice for you. This rather small island in the Aegean Sea is one of the most welp-known and popular vacation destinations in Europe and it attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every summer. What makes Mykonos so unique is the fact that for many people its name has become associated with fun and extravagant luxury.

Mykonos is famous for its many night-clubs and the wild parties and glamorous events hosted there each summer. Even the island’s beach bars essentially double as open-air clubs which means that one can enjoy the pristine sand and crystal blue waters that the beaches of Mykonos are known for, while partying and enjoying delicious cocktails and DJ sets by some of the world’s most famous DJs.

Mykonos is also famous for another thing: its many luxurious villas, which can provide their guests with a truly unforgettable stay. They essentially allow anyone to get a taste of the life of the rich and the famous. The area known as Psarou manages to combine both elements that Mykonos is famous for.

The most famous beach in Europe

Psarou is one of the most famous beaches in Greece and Europe in general. Thousands of people enjoy the beach bars each year while famous supermodels and pop stars from all over the world are regularly seen or photographed lounging on its sunbeds. Since Psarou is only five kilometers away from the town of Mykonos, it’s usually the first – and maybe the only – beach that visitors to this amazing island get to visit. As far as beaches go, Psarou is just gorgeous. What makes it stand out from all other beaches in Greece is its white, fine sand and the fact that wind and bad weather don’t affect it.

Psarou is where some very exclusive beach bars can be found. They are so popular and exclusive, that people who want to visit them are advised to book a sunbed in advance, lest they wait in very long queues in order to get in! Also, one of Europe’s most famous restaurants, Nammos, is located there. Nammos is famous for the private functions and parties hosted there each year.

VIP grade luxury

Mykonos rental villas are known for their gorgeous and modern architectural design and luxury. Some of the best examples of the island’s extremely luxurious villas are situated in Psarou. This is because this amazing beach is essentially a playground of the rich and the famous and when it comes to providing hospitality services to VIPs and celebrities, luxury and high-quality services is the name of the game. Villas in the area of Psarou are very spacious and they feature private pools and gorgeous gardens. The most expensive and exclusive ones, also offer private beach access.

Every single piece of furniture and appliance in those villas is state of the art and high-tech. So, if spending a summer like a celebrity is on your bucket list, then renting a villa in Psarou is the perfect way make your dream come true. Not only will you have the most luxurious vacation of your life, but chances are that your neighbors will be movies stars, pop stars and other celebrities.

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